Food Memories

I’ll start off by saying that I went into this morning with $50 in my wallet for the farmer’s market, the bread store and whatever we need tomorrow, which felt AWESOME. Our favorite restaurant was packed last night because we got our evening started too late after I had a doctor’s appointment, so we got take-out instead (with a coupon!), which saved us some money. Now, after buying some eggs, blue cheese, peaches, tomatoes, coffee, iced tea, orange juice and a reduced-fat scone (“for the baby”/ we actually took some home with us after for the first time ever), I have $13 left for my bread, so we’ll definitely pick up two loaves. I always love to store one in the freezer so that if we run out during the week I don’t have to worry about making the trip with the baby on a weekday.

I've had plenty of awesome food memories.

The food memory happened today in the kitchen, after the market, with the juiciest peach, by far, that I’ve ever had in my life. My son kept reaching for something on the counter, and I figured it was a tomato, because he always wants to hold them in his hand, bite them, or try to bounce them on the floor like a ball — but he was reaching for a peach, which he’s never had before fresh from the farm. Let me tell you — he almost at the whole thing in one go! I had maybe four bites, and it was dribbling down his chin, his leg, his clothes, Daddy’s arm, a rag we were using to wipe our faces with, it was everywhere. It made me think back to when we polished off the season’s first blueberries on the kitchen floor just a month ago, and got me wondering if he’ll remember these times some day/what my earliest food memories are.

Really, I don’t recall anything specific. My general associations around food as a child are either positive — sitting around the table or sitting in front of the TV with my sister — or negative — not being allowed to eat chocolate and fried foods when I had mono in kindergarten. A pretty stark contrast, something I’d like to explore a little more. But regardless, even though I’m pretty sure my son is too young to remember any of this moving forward, I hope that we can create more moments like these — pure joy, healthy food, supporting local farmers. It’s been a fun day so far already, and I’m looking forward to the library and some errands when he wakes up from his nap.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend as much as I am. Have a great Saturday!

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