The Best Air Fryer vs. The Best Oven

The air fryer has literally changed cooking completely. There are not many people in this world who do not like to eat fried burgers and similar fast food style takeaways. If you ask me, there is only a small number of people who wish to avoid incorporating these into their diet because they are really bad for our wellbeing. Most people on the other hand tend to ignore these health warnings and are tempting to eat fast food and takeaways very easily. Fried food in particular is delicious and extremely palatable.

An air fryer is definitely a healthy alternative to an oven.

In recent years, we have started to use an oven to make French fries and burgers. However, the emergence of this device is something that has allowed us to make amazing tasting food that produces a very crispy texture that is normally created by frying with oil. The only difference is that the best air fryer will use up very little or no oil whatsoever and the machine usually uses a similar strategy to ovens.

This kitchen appliance functions according to the simple strategy of cooking with hot air. In basic terms, this hot air attacks the food from every side and cooks it thoroughly eventually leading to a relatively crispy surface, golden brown appearance and delicious taste. The end-result is very similar to a deep fryer except for the fact that you will be using very little oil at most. This obviously means that there are a lot more health benefits. This is definitely a very impressive mechanism of action though you should still read an air fryer review of a particular model before buying it. I will re-emphasize this point because there are so many kitchen appliances out right now and due to the popularity, the number of different products entering the market is at an all time high. Reading lots of reviews will ensure that you get a good quality machine that will produce impressive results and will satisfy your requirements.

To go back to the mechanism of action, it’s important to note that most top air fryers are almost like a convection oven. The fast moving air cooks the food from every side and this technology will allow you to bake and even grill foods alongside frying them. This is not the case with an oven because you can only use it to bake food. Having said that, a lot of ovens these days come with a grill so there should not be an issue with this. In addition to the variety of jobs you can carry out with this machine, you can also cook food a lot quicker than an oven. Usually, French fries or chicken can be cooked with 10 to 15 minutes whereas in an oven, the same task may take double the time.

An oven is not quite as fast as the best air fryer.

In terms of the effects on health, both appliances perform on a similar level. This is because they both require very little or no oil at all. If you are baking pre-cooked fish or French fries, you will not need to use any oil as these foods have already been prepared with oil. If you are cooking something that you have prepared at home, you would normally coat the food with a tiny amount of oil and then put it into the frying basket or line the tray with oil as in the case of an oven.

So there you go, these are the main differences between the best air fryer and the best oven. The mechanism of action of both appliances is relatively similar alongside the beneficial effect on health. However, the oil less fryer is capable of carrying out all kinds of tasks that include frying foods to a relatively similar (but not quite the same) level as a deep fryer. This is something that cannot be achieved by the an oven, which will not be able to provide that crispy texture, taste and appearance.

Due to the above advantages, I would definitely opt for the best oil less fryer money can buy. However, when it comes to selecting the right one, you must carry out quite a lot of research. For this reason, I would always recommend reading an air fryer review in detail if you come across a model that seems to be quite popular and high-performing.

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